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Each of Your Actions Reveal Deeper Truths About You

Grant Andrews is an academic from Cape Town whose interest includes issues of spirituality. In The Joy of Being Incomplete: Embrace Your Imperfections and Live Your Best Life, Andrews explores, amongst many topics, the origin of human actions. He stated:

Whenever you take action, you are acting out of an underlying driver. This means that your actions will be the results of something deeper. And when you understand the driver that you are acting out of, you can redirect your actions or reinforce them, depending on whether the underlying driver is in line with your highest truth, or in line with other factors such as ingrained fears or insecurities.

You are always acting out of something deeper, even when you think your actions are thoughtless and spontaneous, or brought on by external factors like peer-pressure. Your actions are always a symptom of your ingrained-self.

When you know what you are, what you want out of life, which parts of you are strong and which weak, and what your dreams and hopes are, your actions can have direction and you can ground them in your passion-being.

This same volume has also given us Andrews on self-discovery being an absolutely unselfish quest.

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