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Grant Andrews on the Model for the Ingrained-self

Grant Andrews is an academic from Cape Town whose interest includes issues of spirituality. In The Joy of Being Incomplete: Embrace Your Imperfections and Live Your Best Life, the same volume in which Andrews stated that our actions are Symptom of the ingrained-self, he proceeds to suggest a model for this ingrained-self–the foundation upon which its nature is laid.

The  ingrained  parts  of  yourself  are  inherited  from  the  people  you spend  most  of  your  time  with,  and  the  strongest  feelings  you  have  when  you are  in  their  presence.  When  you  resent  something  about  your  parent,  and  you allow  that  resentment  to  persist  and  grow,  it  becomes  part  of  your  ingrained self.  Once  this  happens  you  will  either  present  similar  behaviour  to  what  you resented  most,  or  you  will  grow  a  strong  preoccupation  with  that  trait,  and probably  find  yourself  around  many  more  people  who  present  it.  When  you admire  something  in  your  sibling  and  see  that  trait  as  defining  them,  and  you feed  love,  happiness  and  togetherness  into  that  admiration,  that  trait  will become  ingrained  into  your  being,  and  you  will  either  present  it  yourself  or find it presented in  those around  you.

Complement this insight with Grant Andrews on the search for self-discovery being an absolutely unselfish quest.

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