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The Best Formula for Living a Fulfilled Life

Ologundudu Abraham is the conveyner of the annual Leverage Conference and the founder of media consulting firm Bramodigi. In Lead your Life, Abraham gave “an overview into key insights rooted  in the principle of self-leadership.” Writing on the issue of personal fulfilment, and the matter with which we can fill “the void we feel in our lives [which] cannot be filled by acquiring more money, fame recognition or property,” he remarked at length:

The universe was created to function based on an interdependent system. An action from one system has an effect on another. Each system exists for the sustenance of another. Hence, mutual contribution is key to the sustenance of the systems of the universe.

Likewise, your existence was designed to meet a need. You were placed here with an inbuilt essence that should be disseminated for the needs of others. You were designed to live a life of contribution. Without fulfilling this aspect, no matter who you are, you will still be void of true significance and you might end up with a life of regret.

Imagine the consequences on your body if you stopped sweating, urinating and defecating. Imagine the consequence on your mind if you stopped sharing your knowledge with others. Imagine the consequence on your emotions if you stopped showing empathy to others. Imagine the consequence of trying to grow spiritually, without living by what you claim to believe. If you carefully reflect, you would see that maximization of the four dimensions of the human makeup is highly dependent on our ability to release.

I find it quite interesting to see that the word ‘fulfilment’ has the word ‘full’ and ‘fill’ in it. It is ironic to observe that we can only be full by filling (pouring into) others.

I can deduce that you can experience the fullness of life by learning to fill up your life account with moments of meaningful contribution.

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