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Radparvar Brothers on the Five Points of Mindfulness

Mike and Dave Radparvar are the founders of Holstee, a company whose mission is to help conscious people along their journey to live more fully and mindfully. They jointly write a daily email newsletter called Reflections where they “share nuggets of wisdom from their ongoing research… as well as personal experiences that have changed how they see the world”. In a recent issue of Reflections, the brothers gave what I’ve dedided to term as the Five Points of Mindfulness.

For us, living mindfully is about five things: presence, awareness, appreciation, reflection, and action.

It is about taking moments throughout the day to be fully present with our environment and everything within it.

It is about being aware of our individual impact and acknowledging the ripples of each step we take.

It is about appreciating what is around us, including the wondrous and serendipitous moments that brought us into the world.

Mindfulness is about reflection. It’s about appreciating how the past informs the future. It’s thinking about what we hope to get from our brief lives on earth and what we hope to give back to the forces that brought us here.

Finally, it is about action: the steps we take to be present, to internalize our awareness, to voice our appreciation, and to embrace our reflections. Actions are the manifestations of our intentions. We cannot always choose what the world brings to us, but we can always choose how we act in response to it.

Reflections newsletter is highly recommended if you’ll love something to boost you daily towards mindful living, you can subscribe here. Complement this reading on mindfulness with a similar one: Naval Ravikant on true meditation being the ability for one to sit still by oneself.

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