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The Only Way is Solution-Based Resolutions Not War

War is no man’s friend but it’s quite a paradox that some have taken it as what they feed on and their only means of survival. Something created the division, someone or a group triggered the war. Children, young adults and adults are trained to fight and equipped with the things of war. Agony invades; struggling and weeping are friends to all. War, they think, is the only way forward. War; the end of all wars. The street is terrifying, the home is no longer a comfort zone, and everywhere is made desolate. Fear invokes the heart of the babies but their cries are not heard. Mothers show an unintentional nonchalant attitude towards their lads leaving them to save their lives if they could. People are seen in the pool of their blood. Human bodies become stepping stones to more destruction. The sonorous voices of birds are silent to the ears of the people; bullets become the music that brings people back from slumber land. Kings are humiliated in front of their servants; kings become the servants while the servants are used as baits.

The individual is in constant war with his mind in the pursuit of diversities of goals and of course, all round peaceful society is a sick society. In effect, the progress of such society is at stake, development is not a visible phenomenon, hence, the need for conflicting notions. The oppressive mind wants its interest to live in high rank and the oppressed mind wants its voice to be heard as well and there comes a survival of the fittest where only the capable—in terms of property, prestige and power according to Max Weber’s theory of social stratification—wins, while the less capable dies out. However, the trio (property, prestige and power) are not the only factors that contribute to the survival of the capable in the face of war but the availability of effective ammunitions in the arms of the intruding society or group, an informant(s), armies and a host of other necessary but destructive factors.

War is a state of turmoil, a complete state of disorderliness that often result to loss of lives, genocide, destruction of societal and individual’s property and which in turn makes a developing society become totally underdeveloped and a once developed society to become a developing society or in worst cases underdeveloped or absolute destruction of such society. In accordance to Alvin So’s theory of modernization, at the end of the world war 2, due to the damages caused during the war, many countries such as Great Britain, France and Germany lost their virtues and were weakened but the United State emerged from the war the world leader with the implementation of Marshal plan to reconstruct what were destroyed in the European countries. The developing countries in continents such as Asia, Africa and the Latin America, which are always at the receiving end, lost their integration with the European empire.

In early century, between 2011-2015 in Nigeria, it was the insurgency of the Boko Haram sect which sent many communities in the Northern part of the country into exile, many lives were lost, houses were burnt and a host of other damages were caused. Recently, within late 2017 and early 2018, the Fulani Herdsmen are also bent on destroying the whole of the country, taking force ownership of lands in various regions of the country and of course, killing both innocent and peccant members of the society. The interesting but saddening part is that there is no tangible step taken to rectify or stop the operations of this deadly group of people who values their cattle than the lives of individuals in the state.

Nevertheless, the effect of war few or often times is not completely destructive. Just as I stated earlier, a society with everyday orderliness is a sick society; therefore, there is need for conflicting interest to aid new developments. As a result of the Second World War, modernization processes started in almost all the countries of the world including developing countries, where colonialism became a thing of the past, 3rd world countries began to crave for their own independence. Socio-cultural differentiation, secularization of political culture and other valuable development in the world began. However, the negative consequences of war overwhelm its positive and effective and efficient conflict resolution within and across states is better than the end product of war.

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