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What is Charity and Why Should You Care?

A lot of people have defined charity differently but I choose to define charity as love plus giving (i.e charity = love + giving). Love comes first because you can give without love but you cannot love without giving. If you love then you can give but if you do not love, your giving is disastrous to humanity.

A person could begin to give people something just because he wants to attain a particular position, which is very common among our present day politicians and it’s quite unfortunate that when they get to such position they make things difficult. However, had the giving been based on love, it would not have turned out this way.

Charity can also mean giving without expecting something in return. And giving does not necessarily have to do with money. You can give by volunteering to mentor young ones, teaching a school, cleaning your community and more.

There are several reasons you should be involved in charity. Firstly, taking some of what you have and giving to those in need is an incredible method to show kindness and give back to your community. We should all be thankful for what we have and pay heed to everyone around us who are deficient. It might be the tinniest art of charity that would make the most significant impact. It usually is.

Secondly, charity is a good example to set. Magnanimous giving is an extraordinary method to set a good example for youngsters, associates, family, and companions. Be a pioneer and let those in your community emulate you and discover inspiration through your demonstrations of generosity so they can do likewise. When you provide for others, everyone around you will regard you profoundly in gratitude. Through your charitable act, you would be leaving a long lasting legacy behind and others would remember you for what you did in people’s lives.

Charity can also be a way of spreading love. Love is something the world and everybody in it needs. By engaging in philanthropy, you can spread love from numerous points. You can do such by making a gift in memory of a friend or family member who passed away. You can also do it as a tribute to a friend or family member who is still alive by making donations in their name.

Charity can also be a way of improving the world in your own little way. Someone’s life gets transformed through each donation made to charity. Through those demonstrations of magnanimous giving, the world is made a better place as those in need begin to have a better view of life.

By involving in charity, you’re also being a contributor to nation development. This is only logical considering a number of things:

Charity helps in reduction of poverty. Mrs. Lola Aluko, in an episode of Charity Connect Podcast declared that charity can help get families out of poverty. She further gave the example of a poor young boy who got education fund and eventually transformed his family for good. What if someone like that never got support for his education?

Charity helps in reduction of crimes. There are many children and youths who turned out to be armed robbers in the society because they could not feed themselves or find something worthwhile doing. Perhaps, if these ones were been helped, they would not have ended that way. So many crimes could be prevented if we get involved in charity. Note that charity does not have to do with money alone. Educating and mentoring have proven to be greatly effective.

Charity helps sustain lives. Climate change campaigns would not have been as successful if not for the constant donations of some individuals, NGO and the likes.

Conclusively, Charity is love plus giving. You do not have to be rich to give. Giving your smile could help make someone better, for example. Everyone should be actively involved in charity one way or another. You should actively be involved in charity.

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