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Data is Gold, But Who is Mining It?

Data is Gold, But Who is Mining It?

Lawretta Egba
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Data is Gold, But Who is Mining It?

Imagine if we spoke to somebody today and we didn’t remember that we did. It is as good as that conversation not happening at all! A good example of this is how a website works; programmers would understand this better.

On any website, if you click on “inspect element”, you can edit the source code of the website. This means you can change anything about the website as you wish. You can change the name of the site and change the content. However, when you refresh, everything goes back to normal. Like it didn’t happen. It resets. Because there’s no memory of it.

Now imagine if we had interactions on social media and woke up the next day and they were all gone. It would also be almost like it didn’t happen at all. The only way to retain these interactions, is to create a simulated memory.

This is a database.

In other words, for all your interactions to be real, they need to be stored. This is what makes our interactions solid. Now, just as your memories are stored in your brain so you can revisit them, all interactions are stored in a database which is pretty much a third party brain. The only difference is that somebody has access to this brain. And the ‘person’ doesn’t just have your memory, he/she/they have access to those of billions of people across the world as well.

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Having access to another person’s memories, gives you more than enough information to manipulate them. This third party brain now knows everybody more than they know themselves. Not only can they structure information to suit individuals specifically, they also now have enough data on everybody and this data can be commoditized. It can be sold.

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