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This Security Company Said It’s Dangerous To Search for Lupita Nyong’o Online

This Security Company Said It’s Dangerous To Search for Lupita Nyong’o Online

  • Lupita Nyong'o listed as fifth most dangerous celebrity to search on the internet

Kenyan Actress Lupita Nyong’o has been listed as one of the most dangerous celebrities to search on the internet.

The Oscar award winner was ranked at number five in the list of most dangerous celebrities online by cyber security firm McAfee.

Actress Alexis Bledel who starred in TV series Gilmore Girls came at position one and was followed by Late Late Show TV host James Corden.

In the third and fourth positions came actresses Sophie Turner and Anna Kendrick respectively with Lupita closing the top five list.

McAfee explained that these top celebrities searches are linked to websites that carry viruses or malware.

“People want to keep up to date with the latest pop culture and celebrity news at any time from any device, often consumers put that speed and convenience over security by clicking on suspicious links that promise content featuring our favourite celebrities,” said McAfee chief scientist Raj Samani.

Lupita Nyong'o standing posing for the camera: We're so excited for Little Monsters to hit theaters on Nov. 15, partially because it looks fantastic, but mostly because we live for seeing Lupita Nyong'o's flawless skin on the big screen. (Seriously, girl, when are you going to drop your beauty secrets?) Of course, the Oscar-winning actress is more than just a pretty face - she's insanely talented, refreshingly real, and totally cute to boot. But c'mon, we can't just pretend she isn't drop-dead sexy. From her gorgeous gowns in every color and beauty looks that could rival the cast of Euphoria, check out Lupita's hottest pics to date.

The survey was meant to highlight dangerous that comes with clicking on suspicious links.

The celebrities listed are said to have been trending and making news, therefore becoming of interest to those that would want to spread certain viruses to other people’s devices.

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McAfee advised internet users to take precaution with searches for pirated content and to always update their security software.

“Consumers need to think before they click to be sure that they are surfing to safe digital content and protecting themselves from cyber-security threats that may be used to infect their devices or steal their identity,” Samani added.

The cyber security company also encouraged parents to make use of parental control tools to ensure they keep an eye on what their young ones are exposed to on the internet.

Meanwhile, Lupita and her mother Dorothy, on Tuesday, October 22, were awarded the Harlem School of the Arts award for their efforts in creating cancer awareness. 

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