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This is the Shortest Resignation Letter Ever
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This is the Shortest Resignation Letter Ever

While many would take days to think up endless paragraphs to explain their decision to resign, this person has taken the utterly unconventional way, going straight to the point, saving both himself and everyone involved the stress of reading through hundreds of pointless repetitive words.

The letter, allegedly written by a member of staff of Command Secondary School, Abeokuta, was shared by a Twitter user.

Shortest resignation letter ever

The Reason for the Shortest Resignation Letter Ever

IMO, this wannabe letter could only be a result of either of three options:

1) The employee is too lazy to write a proper letter.

2) They’ve been so frustrated with the workplace that they don’t have enough energy left to explain their intention to end employee contract.

3) They simply do not know how to write a proper letter. Haha!

The Shortest Apology Letter Ever

Anyways, another user shared a similar letter as a response to the original tweet, this time its an apology letter–the shortest ever:

Shortest Apology Letter

No matter what the reasons for these kinds of letters, I definitely wish that all kinds of letters I ever have to write could be this short and straight forward, yet effective.

Life would be way more easier then.

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