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The Critics, Star Wars Parody and the Pink Lightsaber

The Critics Company, a team of teenagers making amazing sci-fic videos on a shoestring bugdet and with unbelievably low-end technology and gears caught the attention of the entire world earlier this year with their award winning film Z: The Beginning.

The creative group led by team lead Godwin Josiah keeps making amazing videos with brilliant concepts from their humble base in a remote community in Kaduna, Nigeria called Kudenda.

Following last week’s release of the last episode of the Star Wars series, The Rise of Skywalker, The Critics decided to jump on the rave to make Another Star Wars Story Parody, a short film featuring two female kid Jedi knights confronting what seems to be the dangerous Sith Lord Darth Vader in a saber combat.

The amazing thing about this film is not only that The Critics were brave enough to opt in for female Jedi kid knights, which is pretty wow, but they also deviated from the norm of the Star Wars universe by having one of the kid knights fight with a pink lightsaber. Haha. That’s some pretty crazy stunt.

The short film ended just as soon as it started and you are left with our expectations dangling in the atmosphere with a promise that they’ll be coming back next Christmas 2020 🙄 with the concluding part of the film.

You know, such unfair suspense. But then, I’m sure we can afford to pardon them because they’ve initiated such an interesting chain of imagination, and we’ll just keep our arms crossed and wait another 365 days, probably, to watch the concluding ~2 minutes video.