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So you just consumed your choice meal at your choice restaurant, and you couldn’t be happier. But then, just a moment after eating, you start to realize you’re still hungry. What the…?! After a meal like that, you should be left feeling full and satisfied. But it’s not so–instead of feeling satisfied you’re feeling like you should head to a grocery store to pick up a snack. Well, this is not normal. Feeling hungry as soon as you’ve eaten might due to these following reasons:

1. Your meal is unbalanced

Your meal may have included too few calories, or a shortage of high-fiber foods like whole grains and vegetables, healthy fats like avocado or nuts, or protein like beans or lean meat.

2. You body protein is low

It is worth noting that protein is essential for satiety. Protein-rich foods can help your body system reduce the level of ghrelin hormone, which is what makes you feel hungry.

3. You didn’t drink water, enough

Dehydration can cause many of the same symptoms as hunger so your failure to drink enough water after eating might have left you dehydrated and the dehydration might be making you feel hungry.

4. You ate rapid-digesting foods

Whole grains and vegetables, which are rich in fiber (which stays in your stomach for longer), lean protein, and healthy fats. All these foods do not digest rapidly. But you might have eaten foods that digest rapidly, like refined carbohydrates like bread, pizza dough, pasta, rice. These foods make your blood sugar rise and drop fast. This spontaneous reaction can make you feel hungry, even though you’ve eaten enough.

5. You are suffering from sweet stomach

You know what sweet stomach is? That unwarranted long-throat for dessert. Your second stomach specifically designated for sweets might be getting the best out of you. So it might really not be legit hunger but just that you want to take some extra bit of sweet and junks.

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