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Witsprouts is a new digital media outlet leading the needful quest for mind expansion with the goal of life improvement.

We are enthusiastic about personal development through knowledge exploration and we celebrate ideas as the most relevant tool in life transformation. One offering at a time, we passionately stay true to our quest for mind expansion by exploring notable thoughts and interesting insights from both classical and contemporary thought leaders.

These words from one of science’s most revered founding fathers is the major part of our philosophy. Every piece of resources herein is strategically built on both the established facts and the brilliant sentiments held by thinkers of diverse disciplines. It is our mission to seek out and publish orgasmic perspectives and enlightening insights from these brilliant minds on topics bordering on the human livelihood–spanning purpose & fulfilment, love & relationship, productivity & creativity, spirituality & mental wellness, etcetera–in understandable and relatable style.

The Piquant

Our flagship newsletter highlights the most interesting, specially handpicked publications on topics ranging from boosting creativity, increasing productivity, finding peace and fulfillment, living healthier and managing relationships.