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I have spent the past few months teaching. If there is one important lesson I have learned, it is that you are not for everyone and, no matter what you do, not everybody will dig you. While there are students who liked me very much, there are some who does not like me a bit. At first it was disturbing to see that some of the students don’t like me—I’ll literally worry if they refuse to great me on the streets and all, but then I grew up and realized that—

— no matter how hard we try, our words and works won’t reach everyone. Even if it does, it won’t move everyone. Not matter how wide you are reaching, no matter how impactful your life is and no matter how influential and insightful you are, you’ll still suck to some people, everybody won’t get it. And that’s very okay.

This is how you should see it: those people who will simply never find value in what you do, those are not your people. But then there are those who will consistently encourage you, inspire you, and create spaces that make room for you to walk out your purpose, and use your gifts. Those are your people.

Don’t get discouraged when some people dismisses your big idea, or when you find that some people only support you in the things that support them. 100% of the time, it has nothing to do with you.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It feels good when everyone supports & validates us on our journey, but that simply won’t always be the case. We won’t always get the validation. And that’s okay.

The universe is unhindered, it needs nobody’s permission, opinion, or approval to author the perfect plan it is drawing for you. So whether or not people dig you, always remember that your work is important, your gifts matter, and more importantly you’re still and will always be a badass son-of-a-king. Amen?


—write out the names of the people who always have your back, the ones who are always there with the encouragement and support. Like I said, those are your people. Cherish them and let them know that you do. (Perhaps you can place a call through to them or something).

A wise woman named Lola Akinkuowo once said, “your dent in the world may be smaller, but it’s a dent that matters to the people it matters to.” And she was so right!

This Week’s Signal of Clarity

— The Self Government Principles [Free Course]

I am excited to unveil our beautiful new project, a free course fully facilitated by the La Red Foundation. Self-governance is a very important concept that underlies our everyday life and it’s one major determinant of success and fulfillment in life. Simply put, a man who finds it difficult to properly govern or manage the self will definitely have difficulties throughout life.

This self-paced course will guide you through 10 major principles of self-governance. If you score high in most of these 10 principles, then your self-governance game is on point. The course is totally free and should take you between 1 – 2 hours to finish.

Click here to check this course out now.

— Our Explanations Make Us Dumber [Read or Listen]

In a world full of experts and teachers and a million knowers-of-all, Daniel Kahneman, a psychologist who won the Nobel Prize in economics for helping to create the field of behavioral economics, has said that our increasing hastiness to proffer answers to questions just to prove that we get it is a great disadvantage to our ability to actually get it.

In a conversation with The On Being Project, Kahneman says we’re not surprised often enough — because as soon as something happens to us, our brains have already invented a story to explain it. Those stories, in turn, become our beliefs and opinions. So even though we may feel like we have a well-reasoned understanding of the world, our “rationality” is moot.

“The speed at which we find explanations for things that happened makes it difficult for us to learn the deep truth,” Kahneman said “and the deep truth is that the world is much more uncertain than we feel it is.”

Check out the full conversation.

— A Morning Routine That Saves You Time [Read]

“To get the best results in your fitness, research has found that shorter but more intensive exercise is more effective than longer drawn-out exercise.” Learn more about this + other routine hacks that will allegedly save you 20+ hours per week in this longform article from Thrive Global.

Positive Alacrity, the New Relationships Pill  [Discover]

“The quality of our life — emotionally, physically, and mentally — is directly proportional to the quality of our relationships.” But just knowing a lot of people doesn’t necessarily translate into good relationships. This article from Mission.org shows us a sneak peek into how we can use something called Positive Alacrity to improve the quality of our relationships so we can live happier lives. I believe that this article is important especially in an age where the art of relationships is dying. Learn how Positive Alacrity can help you save old relationships and create new ones here.

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