You Could Have Been a Tree 🤷🏽


What do we have in commons with trees? We are living things and trees are living things too.

What differentiates us from trees? We can go to the cinema but trees cannot go to the cinema.

Even if trees wanted to go to the cinema, they wouldn’t still stand a chance to go. Trees cannot do anything about their situations.

We on the other hand have the ability to do something about our situations. Say if you are hungry you can just go get roasted corn or something. But the trees cannot, for example, hide from the dangers of the dead night. They are stuck there in a position. In dry season, trees cannot go find a river to quench their thirst. When approached with a deadly chain saw, trees cannot run for their dear lives.

It’s really not pleasant to be a tree.

But we could have been trees. You could have been a tree. An Obeche tree. And the entire course of your life could have been at the mercy of circumstances and you wouldn’t be able to do anything about your situation.

However, you are not a tree. You can do something about your situation. The question then is are you doing something about your situation? Have you even taken the time to think about your situation or are you’re busy running away from taking responsibility for your life?

Ask yourself—
— what is my greatest challenge/problem at this stage of my life?
— what can I do right now to solve this challenge/problem?

This week, I’m inviting you to sit down with yourself and reflect on how you can stop acting like a tree and start being human—not just sitting around passively but moving along with intention and determination to be in charge of your life’s situation.

This Week’s Signal of Clarity

— This Is Me Letting You Go [book]
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—  You Eating Too Much? [read] Everyday, we scan through thousands of data in the form of social media updates, blog articles, YouTube videos and so on, all in the name of staying updated. We actually realize, through the fatigue and exhaustion we feel after several bouts of these skimming, that ingesting too much of information in a single stretch is nowhere near healthy. But we keep doing anyway.

Excessive consumption and inflow of information inhibit creativity, negatively impacts our ability to do deep work and reduces our cumulative output. This article reviews five ways this habit affects us negatively. Number 4 on the list is a very important one that we all need to pay attention. Check ’em out.

— You Need More Time? [read] We live in a distracting world, and it’s not getting any better. New information crashes toward us at every moment. Technology companies work tirelessly to create products that bring convenience and delight to our days. A co-author of Make Time, a recent book on time management shares 3 ways that anyone could apply to create barriers to distraction so that they can make better use of their time. You know what the number one way? It’s by removing distracting apps (rom your phone. Scoop the full gist here.

— Too Late to Pursue Your Dream? [listen] This episode of Longreads podcast features the story of Dan Stoddard, a bus driver who decided to start pursuing his dream of playing professional basketball in his early 40s—something that others started when they were just teens. Dan’s story is a testament to the almost cliché that it’s never too late (or even too early) to pursue your dreams). If you would rather read this story, click here for the full text version.

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Tope Akintayo
Tope Akintayo is a traveler on the road to becoming, creator of The Witsprouts Projects and principal at The Tope Consult, a new media and digital marketing consultancy for small businesses.

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