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  1. Twenty-20: Stories and Lessons from the Pandemic Year
For humankind, 2020 was an unexpected bully. It took advantage of human limits and weaknesses, boxing us up, driving us crazy, killing us softly,  and pushing us beyond the expected limits.  No year is without its troubles but 2020 opened a newer kind of pain, a newer sense of loss, an unprecedented disruption of plans.  This […]
  1. Growing with People
In this episode, Educationist and Human Capital Development Consultant Amara Ezediniru takes us through the very foundation of The Business of People: The Business of Self. Before you can begin to understand people and how to connect with them, you have to understand yourself. The touch points of the episode include self awareness and how […]
  1. Art & Literature
The glossary section of Irin Journal, like every other part of the book, is such a delightful read. Familiar words, slangs and local palance glorified with exotic descriptions. The delight, for me, is not just in the familiarity of the words alone, or in the stylish vocabulary. There is also an unprecedented delight in the […]
  1. Foods & Drinks
So you just consumed your choice meal at your choice restaurant, and you couldn’t be happier. But then, just a moment after eating, you start to realize you’re still hungry. What the…?! After a meal like that, you should be left feeling full and satisfied. But it’s not so–instead of feeling satisfied you’re feeling like you should head […]
  1. Family & Relationships
I was watching on TV the other day, the story of a couple deeply in newly found love. Their moments together were filled with smiles, and kisses, and hugs, and promises, and many more promises. Their moments away from each other were filled with callings and missing-you’s and had-you-been-here’s. “Bae, why did God make you […]
  1. Music & Film
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The Critics Company, a team of teenagers making amazing sci-fic videos on a shoestring bugdet and with unbelievably low-end technology and gears caught the attention of the entire world earlier this year with their award winning film Z: The Beginning. The creative group led by team lead Godwin Josiah keeps making amazing videos with brilliant […]