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American actor Ethan Hawke has appeared on TED to debunk the myth that creativity is a minor part of our lives. He demonstrated that the way we usually turn to human expression whenever something very bad—or something very good—happens in our lives is the result of creativity. “Do you think human creativity matters?” Hawke asked. […]
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A small study conducted at the University of California, Irvine in 1991 discovered that listening to Mozart before performing small mental tasks gave young adults a modest brain boost. As a result of this, an exaggerated mythology surrounding what became known as “the Mozart effect” emerged, linking exposure to classical music with increased intelligence – […]
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The Critics Company, a team of teenagers making amazing sci-fic videos on a shoestring bugdet and with unbelievably low-end technology and gears caught the attention of the entire world earlier this year with their award winning film Z: The Beginning. The creative group led by team lead Godwin Josiah keeps making amazing videos with brilliant […]